Buddy A classic boy and dog tale in the tradition of Old Yeller Tyrone Li l T Roberts meets Buddy when his family s car accidentally hits the stray dog on their way to church Buddy turns out to be the dog L

  • Title: Buddy
  • Author: M.H. Herlong
  • ISBN: 9780670014033
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A classic boy and dog tale in the tradition of Old Yeller Tyrone Li l T Roberts meets Buddy when his family s car accidentally hits the stray dog on their way to church Buddy turns out to be the dog Li l T s always wished for until Hurricane Katrina comes to New Orleans and he must leave Buddy behind After the storm, Li l T and his father return home to find a communiA classic boy and dog tale in the tradition of Old Yeller Tyrone Li l T Roberts meets Buddy when his family s car accidentally hits the stray dog on their way to church Buddy turns out to be the dog Li l T s always wished for until Hurricane Katrina comes to New Orleans and he must leave Buddy behind After the storm, Li l T and his father return home to find a community struggling to rebuild their lives and Buddy gone But Li l T refuses to give up his quest to find his best friend From the author of the BBYA Top Ten selection The Great Wide Sea comes a powerful story of hope, courage, and knowing when to let go.

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      197 M.H. Herlong
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    1. M.H. Herlong

      M.H Herlong grew up in a small town in South Carolina where she once had a dog and never went sailing but did read about a million books It makes perfect sense, therefore, that she writes all the time and that her first published novel was about sailing and her second, about a dog.She went to The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she majored in English and studied fiction writing under Stephen Marlowe On the first day of the two semester class, the students received the single assignment for the entire year write a novel which they all did After college, Herlong taught high school English for a year then moved to Florida with her new husband where they served as captain and crew of the Sonshine and lived aboard Arawak, the sailboat which became the basis for Chrysalis, the boat in The Great Wide Sea Together they have sailed at sea in Florida, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands but lately most of their sailing has been off the beach in Alabama.After two sunny years in Florida, they moved back to Virginia, first to work on Capitol Hill and then to attend the University of Virginia where Herlong earned her Masters Degree in English and then her law degree After law school, she and her husband moved to New Orleans where they both practiced law Soon their first son was born and then the second Herlong retired from the practice of law and a one year stint as a law professor Before long, sons number three and four arrived.Sometime in the midst of the bottles, oatmeal, and soccer games, Herlong took up writing again Her goal with The Great Wide Sea was to write a book her sons would want to read Three of her sons read it immediately and liked it Then The Great Wide Sea was named one of YALSA s 2010 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults and included on numerous state reading lists, including the Texas Lone Star Reading List and the Florida Sunshine State Young Readers List But it wasn t until three years after the book s publication that the hold out son finally read it At last, she had succeeded He liked it, too.Herlong s second published novel, Buddy, grows out of her experience as a New Orleanian when levee breaks in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina caused massive flooding and destroyed much of the city Her own evacuation, return, and rebuilding story are quite different from the one of Li l T and his family But all New Orleanians, no matter what happened to them or where they are today, share the essential experience that firmly divided time for every one of them into life pre Katrina and life after.

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    1. I must say this is a really great book. Not just for dog lovers, and not just for people whose hearts are in New OrleansM.H. Herlong does an incredible job portraying the way someone falls in love with a dog; immediately and fully. She describes the poor family's struggle, and a boy's determination to keep his dog. The struggle culminates when they can't even take the dog with them when they are forced to evacuate from Katrina. (Being a Dog Person, this would have really stood out to me even if [...]

    2. Poor family just getting by accidentally hits a dog on their way to church. Church community pulls together to get the dog proper vet care; dog loses a leg and boy gets to adopt him (after sacrificing his beloved gameboy to buy food). Dog gets left behind when family evacuates for Katrina. (Oh, right, this is set in New Orleans; there's not a great sense of Place around the book.) Boy will do anything to get his dog back, etc.Not bad, a decent boy-loves-his-dog story, mixed with the grief a youn [...]

    3. Buddy was one of the books featured at the book fair. I'm also a fool for a book about dogs so I gave it a try. I LOVE this book!Lil T leaves in New Orleans with his family. He's been dying to get a dog for a long time. But there never seems to be enough money to afford one. Then, on the way to church one morning, his father accidentally hits a dog with the car. The vet fixes the dog's leg and then Lil T takes him home and names him Buddy. To afford to feed Buddy, Lil T begins a lawn mowing busi [...]

    4. My seventh grade students will be reading this beautifully-written, inspiring and hopeful book this October. The story upholds the potential of the human spirit and demonstrates the power that love has when given selflessly, time and time again. It brings the reader to Katrina in a moving and compassionate way. The chapters, text complexity, and length of book all assist in making this an enjoyable read for readers and "non-" readers alike. Finally, a book that both genders, ages 9 and up, can r [...]

    5. This was a good book. It is about a boy named Li'l T and his dog Buddy. Buddy gets separated from Li'l T in hurricane Katrina. Li'l T tries hard to find the dog, but it will depend upon his courage and strength during the rebuilding of the city, his house, and their lives after Hurricane Katrina. This book has Christ in it, and they go to church. I would recommend this book to boys and girls. It's about a boy but I still liked it. I found this book at the Book Fair.

    6. Lil T is the main character and one person who takes care of Buddy.T Junior, T Senior, and Mama, are all members of Lil's family.One day on their way to church, T Junior hit a dog in the middle of the road. After church they had the dog looked at by a vet who said that one of Buddy's front legs had to be amputated, but that he would survive. Lil T had always wanted a dog and so he bargained endlessly with his parents so that he could keep the dog. His parents finally gave in and Lil T named the [...]

    7. I finished this book with tears streaming. I can't say that M. H. Herlong's novel has a sad ending, so I guess I'll have to describe it as emotionally touching. The relationship between Li'l T and his dog Buddy is something most dog owners know. These two share many heart-to-heart conversations throughout the novel. Herlong draws the reader into the sights and sounds of New Orleans as Li'l T and Buddy sit together and listen. "The squirrels are chucking in the bushes and the birds are chirp, chi [...]

    8. Another Katrina story about a boy and his dog, and yet--it wasn't. Lil 'T has wanted a dog for the longest time, but there was never enough money or room. So when his family car hits a stray, it seems like fate. Here is his dog--his Buddy. Yes, the dog is badly injured. One of the dog's legs needs to be amputated and Lil 'T needs to nurse him back to health. But Buddy recovers nicely and is everything Lil 'T wants in a dog. He even manages to win over the family. But then Katrina comes along and [...]

    9. Over and over I have heard it said that nothing in this world is truly ours. We are just given things and people and sometimes they stay in our lives and sometimes they do not. It does not take long in life to realize that we are not in control.Li'l T Roberts's, family hits a dog on the way to church one Sunday. The dog has been abandoned and now needs medical care. After the new dog's leg was cut off, the family names him Buddy and Li'l T adopts him and works odd jobs to help feed him. When Hur [...]

    10. A GREAT dog book. L'il T never thinks he'll get a dog, until the day his dad hits one with their car, and his church helps raise the money needed to provide Buddy with medical care. The boy loves his new dog fiercely and makes his life in a rundown neighborhood in New Orleans bearable. Of course, Hurricane Katrina hits, and when they leave Buddy locked in their bathroom with plenty of food and water, they believe they are coming back in a day or so. As the disaster unfolds, L'il T's family lets [...]

    11. I found this story very slow to start. I wondered if I would stick with it as a kid but, since several of my students were reading it, I felt the desire to finish it. I was quite glad I did. Lil T is an 11 year old obsessed with wanting a dog. Turns out, early in the book, his dad happens to hit a dog while driving so Buddy is suddenly there, Lil T's responsibility. The book follows the changes in Lil T from a self-centered boy to an ambitious, empathetic, understanding young adult. The coming o [...]

    12. L'il T meets a dog on the way to church in his car and hits him. They bring him to the vet who has to cut his leg. Budddy is a dog with three legs. It is L'il T reponsability and renames the dog Buddy. Buddy saves L'il T's brother from a rat. The one day on the news they say to leave because of a big hurricane. They leave Buddy in the upstairs bathroom. When they come back he isin't their. They learn he is in California. Will L'il T want to go get him?I loved this book because it is about a dog [...]

    13. Li’l T is about to be 13 years old, and has always wanted a dog. When his father accidentally runs over a mangy dog, Li’l T takes it as a sign the dog is to be his and names him Buddy. From that day on, he and Buddy are inseparable. Read the rest of my review at: shouldireaditornot.wordpress.c

    14. Really enjoyed this story about a boy and his dog. Was afraid the Hurricane Katrina plot would take away from the story, but it really added to it and gave insight into decisions people have to make when evacuating. Very likable characters, fast-paced and the voice feels true to a middle school African American boy.

    15. I thought that the book was really good. A boy and his family where going to church when they hit a dog. The dog gets a broken leg and the family decides to take the dog which ends up being a really close member of the family.

    16. Anyone who loves dogs will love this story. I really LOVE this family. A good dad and great family. It seems few and far between in children's literature these days, so I appreciate that.

    17. Ugh, I mean I liked the story but it was just a little over the top. Still, I think it's got a lot of appeal for kids who love dog stories

    18. Spoiler Alert This book is called Buddy, this book could either be non-fiction or fiction. The book is written by M.H Herlong. This book was about the love of a boy and his three legged dog, how far would the boy go for the dog he loves? When I first saw the cover of this book it drew my attention mostly because it had a dog on it, when I first saw it I knew something unpleasant would happen in this story. This story takes place in New Orleans In this book a boy name L’il T and his family rand [...]

    19. This is my favorite book I've ever read. I have read it a bunch of times and I hope you read it too. This little boy named Lil'T had been wanting a dog forever. When this family and him hit one with there car in the road. They end up taking it to the vet and they had cut his leg off. So the dog only had three legs but that didn't stop the dog to getting to the boy he wanted. The dog ended up getting stuck to the boy. So the boy begged his parents to keep it. The parents then let him keep it but [...]

    20. I recently read this book aloud to my 6th grade students. They fell in love with it. They begged me everyday to read more than the allotted 10 minutes. :) I read it at the beginning of the school year (hurricane season), so I had plenty of real news on hurricanes to share with them as the story progressed. I cried several times during the reading of this story, and my students were holding back their own sniffles, too. The ending is a perfect opportunity for class discussion on what THEY would d [...]

    21. A 3 legged dog brings love and happiness to a New Orleans boy. When Hurricane Katrina hits and they are separated, he sees Buddy on tv. After traveling to California to reunite with Buddy- he realizes the dog is better off with his new owner who has seizures and Buddy often saves his life. Just ok- a few unrealistic events and not totally endearing characters. Although, the main character does exemplify a caring, generous, thoughtful young man.

    22. William Allen White Book Award winner; Grades 6-8; 2015 When a dog comes into your life, it should stay. But sometimes things don't work out so easily the way we think they should.This story of a dog lost in Hurricane Katrina and the boy who loves him will be very popular with intermediate and upper grade readers. Li'l T's (Tyrone Roberts) faith in his dog's power to survive and find his way back home to him will resonate with anyone who has ever loved a dog.

    23. Lil'T and his family are on their way to church when they literally run into this dog. Lil'T gets to keep him but he has to find away to take care of his three legged dog even through Hurricane Katrina. Buddy has lots of times where you think something is going to happen but it doesn't. This book is very good if you like animal stories and it is also kind of sad.

    24. This is about a boy and his dog when the boy leaves for a relatives a tragic event takes place the the boy and dog are separated. I like this book because it is very relatable if you have a put that you love. I recommend for people that like adventure with struggles.

    25. I love this book. I never got bored and It really made you cry in some parts. It's about a dog with his family and hurricane katrina splits them apart. The boy is desperate to find his dog.

    26. I liked the book because it made a powerful statement about the love that can form between you and your dog.

    27. I loved this book it is still one of my favorites I say GO FOR IT and read this book. Trust me you are NOT wasting your time. I hope you will love this book as much as I did!

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