His Cavalry Lady

His Cavalry Lady Alex instantly fell for Dominic Aikenhead Duke of Calder knowing that he would never notice her because to him she was Captain Alexei Alexandrov a young man and a brave hussar Alex longed to be wit

  • Title: His Cavalry Lady
  • Author: Joanna Maitland
  • ISBN: 9780373295364
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex instantly fell for Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder, knowing that he would never notice her because to him she was Captain Alexei Alexandrov, a young man and a brave hussar Alex longed to be with her English duke just once, as the passionate woman she truly was To be swept off her feet, wearing the finest of gowns, would be a dream come true But there was dangerAlex instantly fell for Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder, knowing that he would never notice her because to him she was Captain Alexei Alexandrov, a young man and a brave hussar Alex longed to be with her English duke just once, as the passionate woman she truly was To be swept off her feet, wearing the finest of gowns, would be a dream come true But there was danger in such thoughts What if Dominic ever found out the truth

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    About "Joanna Maitland"

    1. Joanna Maitland

      I am a Scot, born and raised in Glasgow, one of the friendliest places in the world Unfortunately, there were not many career opportunities in Scotland at the time I left University, and so I migrated to London Living in England didn t stop me from hankering after the glorious wildness of the Scottish mountains and lochs, but short visits were the best I could do I have always been a history fan, fascinated by the detail of how our ancestors lived I try to imagine the effects of working by candlelight rather than electricity, and how they coped with all that coal and water carrying, all that horse dung in the smelly, unswept streets I marvel at the idea of scythe men creating a bowling green lawn, or seamstresses hand sewing every stitch of a spider gauze gown And I shudder at the extravagances of the rich, who could gamble away tens of thousands of pounds at a sitting, while the working poor subsisted on only a few shillings a week.Like most writers, I have always scribbled At school, I concocted a handwritten magazine with tiny writing that hardly anyone could read I wrote stories and poems for school magazines and competitions As an exchange student in France, I wrote reams of letters filled with pretty wild imaginings and some bad poetry in rather suspect French.When we were living abroad, I started writing children s stories My children liked them, of course, but the publishers didn t Then one day, I found Mills Boon historicals, and I was hooked I used to write on the commuter train to London and back, for about two hours a day It was very peaceful in those days most commuters were hiding behind their newspapers, and mobile phones hadn t been invented At one stage, I spent several journeys playing piquet against myself with a miniature pack of cards, in order to be sure that all the scores I was quoting in my story were possible My fellow passengers looked curiously at me out of the corners of their eyes, but nobody ever broke the silence to ask what on earth I was doing Just as well, probably What could I have said It took me nearly nine years of rejections to get one of my manuscripts accepted It was published in 2001, as A Penniless Prospect, and short listed for the New Writer s Award of the Romantic Novelists Association I m still writing Regencies, but I ve been studying medieval history since I stopped working full time, and I m now planning stories set in that period, too.When we moved away from London commuterland a few years ago, we did try to find a new home in Scotland, but it didn t work out We settled near the Welsh border instead It s an ideal location The countryside is full of medieval history ruined castles, Offa s Dyke, cathedrals and churches, black and white villages and some of the scenery reminds me of Scotland.I have now indulged my love of Scotland a little by writing a book set there Bride of the Solway When I was researching the story, I spent some time in the Border country, visiting the ruined castles and admiring the spectacular scenery You can see pictures of some of the settings I used in the book here and read some of the romantic background There are also tales about Gretna marriages and the perils of the Solway on my research snippets page I found it all fascinating, and I plan to write stories set in Scotland.

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    1. 3.5Entertaining historical romance. I particularly liked how the author used a real person to shape her heroine. There really was a woman at the beginning of the 19th century who disguised herself as a man in order to be a soldier in the Russian Army. She not only pulled this off but distinguished herself on the combat fields for her courage and fearlesness, and met the Tsar, who was one of the few people who knew who she was. He not only gave her a bravery medal but allowed her to join the elit [...]

    2. Wonderful little story based around a couple of interesting real elements of history but bent to a romance plot. There really was an officer of the Hussars who was a woman disguised as a man and with the full knowledge of the Tsar during the Napoleonic Wars. (Nadezhda Durova who sounds like a total badass). The main setting of the story with the anti-Napoleon allied monarchs visiting London also really happened during 1814.Alexandra, Alex or Alexi is a Captain of the Hussars, elite Russian caval [...]

    3. I just loved this book! Delightful from start to finish.It's 1812, and at the start of the story, we meet Alex, a young hussar in the Russian cavalry, about to be given Russia's highest bravery award for valour in battle against the French. Ah, you think, our hero! But no! Alex is actually a woman, disguised as a man, after running away from being basically auctioned off to the highest bidder in the marriage market. She gets a commission from the Tsar himself, who's found out her secret, but it [...]

    4. A crossdressing heroine who actually played a part in male society. It was a surprise to come across considering all other genderbender stories of this theme. Alex was a great heroine and embodied what I think all women, especially in this century, want to embody. One problem might be that her history was only slightly commented on and all focus was concentrated on the love story. I think I would have preferred some more family history and a more eventful masquerade scene.Dom was the perfect man [...]

    5. Based on a real historical person, the heroine in the story is serving in the Russian army during the Napoleonic Wars as a cavalry officer. Unlike the real one, she travels to England as part of the Tsar's escort after Napoleon is exiled to Elba where she meets a duke who is the liaison to the Russians. They have already met at a fire in the stables at the inn where they were staying before crossing the channel, but neither was properly dressed and both were smoke covered. But he knew she was a [...]

    6. Based on a true story, this book tells the tale of a woman, masquerading as a man, who joined the Russian cavalry. I love the strong, non-traditional heroine. I also love her equally strong, non-traditional alpha male hero who loves her because she is the way she is. His Cavalry Lady is the first Joanna Maitland book I've read, and the first in the four book series The Aikenhead Honours. I'm certainly going to read the others.

    7. So far, I'm a bit disapointed. Alex is meant to have participated in war (and she'd been a war hero even) but she's acting like a simpering-16 years old- fool of a debutante. Plz, anyone who had seen the war couldn't possibly have no after-effect (bad after-effect) from it

    8. Very intriguing book indeed. I’m disappointed it ended so fast. The need to read more of it is killing me. Well written story, and I shouldn’t be surprised it left a good impression on me. This book after all is inspired by a real life Cavalry Maiden: Nadezhda Durova. I shall enrich my knowledge of her history soon. Dominic and Alex are everything I hoped for in the “Woman disguised as Man” romance regency novels.(btw, "#936, 288 pages" ????).

    9. So I'm a sucker for gender-bender books. Maitland's writing was well enough, but nothing particularly extraordinary. Decent book, but it could have been much more interesting, however, had Maitland chosen to focus less on the angst and more on potentially interesting situations. As it was, this book did nothing new, but it's enjoyable enough.

    10. Regency romance, but for a change features a Russian woman who pretends to be male to serve as a cavalry officer. Based on a true person (well, not the romance bit)

    11. Utterly brilliant and convincing. This is one of the most romantic gender-bender stories - girl dressed as boy - that I've read. Highly recommended!

    12. Alex is really well done. She is strong and brave, a warrior, but also a woman. A really intriguing concept especially since the link is made to the ties of Britain and Tsarist Russia.

    13. This had a very slow start, thick with military information and terms. Could have been a bit lighter on that and heavier on the suspense and romance. I Just didn't feel it. Felt like it was forced.

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